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Online breeding and selling of snails for gastronomic use

Breeding and online sales of snails for gastronomic use

The company is located in Ciminna (PA) in the heart of Sicily, surrounded by lush olive groves, orange groves and palm groves. The helicopter plant is modern, rational and created in the name of full naturalness, trying to maximize the potential offered by the territory.

Snails are bred exclusively in a natural cycle and fed with selected vegetables and irrigated with local spring water. They are also kept in safe enclosures and in controlled hygienic-environmental conditions. The company offers a safe and high quality product, considering that the snail possesses:

- Omega 3, Omega 6, Omega 9 and Vitamins A-B-C

- High nutritional values ​​

- Remarkable digestibility

- High percentage of essential amino acids

- Mineral salts

- Low fat content

- High protein content

- Calcium and phosphorus

- Magnesium and iron

- Aphrodisiac properties

All features that make the product suitable for many food processing and consumption by pregnant or lactating women.

Scientific research has also shown that the burr produced by the snails exerts a strong antibacterial action comparable to that of streptomycin which is widely used in herbal medicine to produce moisturizing creams for sensitive skin and in homeopathy for the preparation of very effective anti-inflammatory products , in addition to use in the field of cosmetics.

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