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chickpeas Pascià

chickpeas Pascià

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Chickpeas Pascià produced and packaged in Valledolmo (Palermo - Sicily - Italy)

Pascià chickpeas are a particular variety of these legumes from Sicily. These are extremely protein legumes and rich in essential nutrients. The Pascià chickpea has a large seed, characterized by a beautiful full, round and wrinkled shape. It has a beige color and an average diameter of 8 millimeters.

It is a particularly tasty variety, ideal for soups and soups but also seasoned with salt and oil, since, after cooking, the Pascià chickpea remains intact, keeping all its consistency intact.

Contains: mineral salts, such as magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, potassium and a good amount of B vitamins.

Thanks to its contribution of polyunsaturated fats, it helps to control cholesterol values, increasing HDL ("good" cholesterol) levels and reducing LDL ("bad" cholesterol) levels.

Advice on preparation

Finger selection is recommended. Dried legumes must be soaked before cooking to reduce preparation times and to maintain the nutritional value of the legumes themselves. Season with salt only after cooking to avoid hardening of the skin.


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