5 kg of Sicilian whole wheat tagliatelle

5 kg of Sicilian whole wheat tagliatelle

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Sicilian whole wheat durum wheat tagliatelle 10 packs of 500gr

Packing 500gr.

Length 25cm

Thickness 0.6mm

Mixed Variety of Simeto / Horizon

Cooking time 4min. or 2min. for al dente


Moisture 12.50%

Protein 12.06%

Total fat 1.36

Saturated fats 0.36

Carbohydrates 75.80

Nitrogen substances 1.93

Energy value kcal 364

Energy value kj 1544

Dietary fiber 0.83


Durum wheat semolina pasta, simeto and horizon, bronze drawn. The production process is extruded, dried at very low temperature, cooled and packaged. Pastificico Agricolo Lenato transforms the grain of its land into pasta, a zero chain, a veritable pasta of sublime quality, made at home since sowing ... "Proud to produce a grain with average protein 13.5"

Pasta produced in natural form, using pure water, analyzed every semester and followed by a very slow drying (15-25 hours) and extruded through bronze which gives the pasta the best performance as roughness, density and callousness.