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Production of beech wood cupboards

Sicily is one of the Italian regions with a greater variety of artisan productions . Every typical product of this region has its own history steeped in legend, culture: a cultural and historical heritage of inestimable value.
Despite the countless vicissitudes, which have almost led to the extinction of this activity, Sicilian craftsmanship remains the pride of the regional economy for its history and its traditions. The craftsmanship is still fairly widespread today. Among the most used materials for the production of 'typical' productions, the most characteristic are the fashion shows, the ceramics, the wrought iron, the lava stone, the Modica stone, the coral, the papier-mâché, the yarns for embroidery and lace , chocolate and wooden creations.
Each Sicilian town boasts its own production of typical craftsmanship made according to the manufacturing tradition of that area.

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