Sicilian sauce

Siccagno Tomato Sauce

The Siccagno Tomato Puree, expression of Mediterranean cuisine, is obtained exclusively from tomatoes grown in Sicily, harvested by hand and processed fresh without the addition of any ingredient.

The passata is produced by working only the best tomatoes, processed within 48 hours of collection. The tomato at the right maturity, together with the use of not too high temperatures allows the creation of a good pass not only for the taste from the nutritional point of view and which maintains its nutrients.

The Passata, produced only with Siccagno Tomato is ready to be used. Perfect for pasta dishes with sauce or as an ingredient to add to other recipes. It summarizes in itself those characteristics typical of the cultivation area, as well as authenticity, flavors, aromas and wholesomeness that make it a quality product.

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