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Desserts and bakery products from Sicilian pastry shops. Sicilian sweets are very popular all over the world

The shot of Alia: prepared with almonds and renowned for its consistency of flavor.

Sicilian cassata: prepared with sponge cake, icing, candied fruit, renowned for its consistency of flavor.

Sicilian cannoli: prepared with ricotta or chocolate or yellow cream, seasoned with pistachio or candied fruit and icing sugar.

The rolliss nisseni: native to Caltanissetta, uses cocoa sponge cake, ricotta and royal pasta.

Sicilian tetus: typically Sicilian biscuits; covered with chocolate icing prepared for the autumn holiday on 2 November, for the feast of the dead; as they say in Sicilian and can be black (chocolate) or white (with lemon).

Granita: the most famous granitas are almond and lemon but there are also many other flavors of granite; ranging from coffee to strawberries, mint, chocolate.

The almond paste: the almond paste is well prepared in the area; also thanks to the famous and sought-after Avola almond; which gives the pasta (particularly famous are those from Syracuse) an excellent flavor. There are many ways to prepare them; vary in shape and seasonings, but the main element remains however the almond.

Martorana fruit: It is a dish originating from Sicily and is composed of almond paste; which takes the form of different fruits or foods.

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