Regulation 679/2016 - General Data Protection Regulation (RGPD) concerning the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data

The e-commerce platform Shop-e with its website respects your privacy and is committed to protecting your personal data. This privacy statement is intended to inform you about how we collect and use your personal information when you visit our website (regardless of where it is visited), and these are your privacy rights and how the law protects you.

We are and we treat your data with the fashion established by the regulation 679/2016 - General Data Protection Regulation (RGPD) - in English GDPR, General Data Protection Regulation - related to the protection of individuals with regard to processing of personal data, which repeals the previous directive 95/46 / CE of the European Parliament. The details on how to contact us if you have any doubts about the protection of your personal data are available in the "Contact details" section.

We must ensure that we have a strong legal basis for processing your personal data and this statement explains how we legally store and use your information. In general, we are authorized to process your personal information, where necessary in conjunction with a contract entered into with our company (for example, a contract for the use of our products or services), to enable us to fulfill our legal obligations or where we have a legitimate interest, although the interest of the client always prevails. Please note that on our website there may be links to access external websites not covered by our legislation. For this reason, we invite you to check the privacy policies of third parties before sending any personal information. will in no case be responsible for the content, function or collection of personal data by external websites.

What information we collect about you and how we collect it?

It is not required, by law or by any contract with us, that you provide us with personal information via this website. You will need to provide your personal information where it is strictly necessary to provide a service requested by you.

Information you provide us. We can receive personal information about you every time you contact us, for example, in the following cases:

  • When you request information about our products or services.
  • Using the site and / or browsing our website.
  • By contacting us by telephone, by post, e-mail, via LIve chat
  • Requesting information and / or submitting an application for a job offer.

This information may include:

  • Personal identification information, such as full name and title.
  • Contact information, address, e-mail address and telephone number.
  • Additional information relating to the use of our site and services, such as your marketing preferences, survey responses and feedback requests.
  • Information relating to your shipments, including the recipient's data.
  • Tax information for international shipments.
  • Payment information, collected and transmitted securely to our payment platform.
  • With regard to job applications, your CV, including details of studies and work experience, as well as any other information you have decided to provide us with your curriculum vitae.

Information we collect about you on our website

We collect information using cookies, and other similar technologies, to help us identify and distinguish you from other users who use our website. These resources can simplify your online experience, preventing you from having to re-enter some information in the purchasing process, and also allowing us to make improvements to our web page. For more information on how and how to use cookies, see the section below on the Cookie Policy. When you visit our website, we may collect the following information:

  • If you log in through a third party, we will record the choice of the access provider.
  • If you associate the account with a third party, such as a marketplace from which to import items for a shipment, we will record the data necessary for access.
  • The identification of the device (cookies, IP address) and general location for fraud prevention.
  • Data on visits to our website and accessible sources, including, but not limited to websites, links, traffic information, localization, blogs and other communication data.
  • When orders come from advertising sources, we record the source of each order for the sole purpose of evaluating the effectiveness of the ads. This information will not be used to study the client's profile.
  • Our website is not aimed at minors and under no circumstances will minors be knowingly collected.

Information we collect about you from other sources

If you send us a job application, information about your criminal record can be requested through an authorized agency and access the content you have shared publicly, including social media. This list is neither exhaustive nor limiting. In certain cases, we may need to collect additional data for the purposes stated in this policy. Information we receive about you from other sources If you have used other websites with which we operate, you may have consented to third parties, to share your personal information with us, including information relating to the use of other sites or related services that we offer. The information provided by third parties with whom we work to provide you with our products or services, such as a Marketplace, e-commerce platforms, payment media providers, transport companies, support companies, Technology and advertising companies. Such data may include information from third parties with which we work to deliver our products and services, such as marketplaces, e-commerce, payment platforms, transport companies, technological and advertising support companies.

How we use your personal information?

The legal basis for the use of personal information

We make sure that any use of your personal data is based on the GDPR General Data Protection Regulation as far as

  • Conclusion and execution of your contract with us.
  • Compliance with our legal obligations.
  • Achievement of our legitimate or third-party interests, customer interest always prevailing.

How we use your information on these legal bases Below we present the different uses of your personal data that may occur within each legal basis:

1. Conclusion and execution of your contract with us

a. Verify your identity We may use your information where necessary to meet our legal obligations or to detect and prevent fraud, money laundering or other crimes.

b. Offer our products or services

It is necessary for us to use your personal data for the fulfillment of the contract stipulated with you, such as how much you register as a customer. Your data will always be used in this context for:

  • Provide information about your contract with us.
  • Provide information about our products and services in relation to your personal needs (such as shipping requirements and additional services).
  • Check your identity.
  • Manage all complaints submitted by you and, as a result, make the necessary improvements necessary to our products and services.
  • Contact you regarding any changes made to our products or services.
  • Manage our website, including problem solving, situation diagnosis, statistical analysis, guided research and tests to keep your site secure. If you register a account, we may use the telephone number you provided to help you obtain specific information that we believe may be useful for managing your account.

It is important to emphasize that all incoming or outgoing calls can be recorded and stored using third-party technology for monitoring and service improvement purposes. Only after having achieved these aims will the recordings be suspended. If you request information or send us a job application, we will use your personal information as an integral part of the recruitment process, in order to assess your suitability for the role.

2. Compliance with our legal obligations

  • Compliance with our Terms and Conditions, and / or other policies.
  • Logistics management and planning, including accounting and auditing.
  • Management of legal disputes involving you. - Detect and prevent fraud, money laundering and / or other crimes.
  • Protection of the user and others from possible damage. We may use your personal information where it is necessary to protect your interests or those of others. This can include crimes such as identity theft, piracy or fraud.

3. Use your information to pursue legitimate interests

a. Contact you to promote other products or services that we believe may be of interest to you Your personal data may be used to identify you and inform you about products and services that may interest you. The choice to receive promotional e-mails, or calls, or both from is voluntary. Your choice will not affect in any way the products and services that you have contracted with us or that you decide to buy in the future. You can update your preferences at any time from the "Settings" menu of your account. All complete information on managing your account preferences is available on our Help Portal.

b. Contact us to communicate important changes that could affect you or to verify and / or update specific information. On certain occasions, we may use your personal information to correctly answer your questions or inform you about important changes. We will use your personal information where strictly necessary for:

  • Interact and respond to all communications you send us, including posts on social media where you tag us.
  • Inform you about any major changes to our business or our terms and conditions of use.
  • Check or update important personal information, such as bank account details in the case of payments with bank domiciliation.

c. Respond to all communications you send us Includes calls, e-mails, live chat interactions or social media messages.

d. Improve our business

In order to offer better products, services and experiences, we may use your information in order to:

  • Review and improve our existing products and services and develop new ones.
  • Review and improve the performance of our systems, processes and personnel, including training.
  • Improve our site to ensure that content is presented in the most effective way for you and your electronic device.
  • To measure and know the effectiveness of the advertising we offer to you and other users, and allow us to create dedicated and relevant advertising.
  • Conduct surveys on our products and surveys in order to improve them. We can use third parties to manage the surveys, in which case these third parties will act as data processors. Modification of the purposes We will use your personal information only and exclusively for the purposes mentioned, unless it is reasonably considered necessary to use it for another reason compatible with the original purpose. If we need to use your personal information for unrelated purposes, we will notify you and explain the legal basis for this change. We may process your personal information without your explicit consent in accordance with the above rules, where required or permitted by law.

With whom we share your personal information?

Sharing information within our company We share the information you provide with our staff to offer you our products or services. Sharing information with third parties We may share your data with certain third parties. For example, we may share your information with:

  • Internet hosting providers with which we work to host our website, related infrastructure, services and applications.
  • Couriers that provide the selected freight service.
  • Contact management systems to send e-mails, instant messages, messages via social media and SMS messages.
  • Suppliers that manage customer opinions on our products and services. We work with third parties that act as data processors, in order to obtain opinions, evaluations, comments from customers who have purchased our services through one of our websites. In some exceptional circumstances, your personal data may be disclosed to third parties, as in the following cases:
    • Request from the competent Authorities or State security, or in order to fulfill legal proceedings, judicial orders or legal and / or regulatory procedures.
    • For the safety and protection of our employees, our property or public property.
    • For the prevention or detection of crimes, including the exchange of information with other companies or organizations for the protection against fraud and cases of credit risk reduction.
    • Proposed as part of a merger, activity or sale of assets, if this happens, we will share your information with the potential seller or buyer involved
    • As part of a merger, sale of assets or assets, should this be the case, your information will be shared with the interested buyer or potential buyer.

How long do we store your personal information?

Your information will be kept for the time necessary to achieve the objectives for which it was collected. If you are using a service, all data will be stored until the service is completed. If you send us your CV or sign up for a job application, we will keep your CV and / or any other publication available on your social networks for a period of 12 months.

If your application has been considered for a particular role, we may keep your information for a longer period. In all other cases, we will keep your personal information until ongoing legal claims or disputes have been resolved, there is no direct risk of fraudulent activity and / or your debt is settled. When the data is deleted, your account will go into an idle state.

How we protect your personal information?

All necessary measures will be taken to ensure that your personal information is securely processed in accordance with this policy. We make sure that all information provided is transferred securely through our website. However, it is necessary to keep in mind that the transmission of information via the internet is not completely secure. Although we will do our best to protect your personal information, we cannot guarantee the total security of your information.

Therefore, any transmission of data will be followed under your own and strict responsibility. Once we receive your information, we will use strict procedures and security protocols to try to prevent unauthorized access. Where possible, data will be stored and processed within the EU. Where this cannot be guaranteed, third parties agree that the information will be processed according to the Privacy Shield Framework - a treaty between the US and the EU on data protection - or the EU model clauses - type of contractual clauses used in agreements between service providers and their customers to ensure that the transfer of data from the European economic area complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (RGPD).

All the information you provide is stored on secure third-party servers. In the event that we have provided you, or if you have chosen a password that allows you to access certain parts of our site, you are required to keep it confidential. We ask you not to share your password with anyone.

How you can help keep your personal information safe

We will take all reasonable steps to ensure that personal information provided through our website is securely stored and managed. complies with the PCI DSS protocol (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard), established to protect credit card owner data during and after an economic transaction. The https platform uses sophisticated security devices to protect your personal information. You can help keep your personal information secure, not only on our website, but also when you provide your data online to other suppliers. Afterwards, some simple tips that can be useful to improve the security of your information:

  • Use a modern and secure browser and operating system.
  • Make sure your browser and operating system have the latest security updates.
  • Use complex passwords and do not reuse them on multiple websites.
  • Keep your passwords private.
  • Learn about scams by e-mail and pay close attention when using e-mail.
  • Find out about the risks associated with using public WiFi networks.

What rights do you have regarding your personal information?

You have the right to be informed We have a legal obligation to provide concise, transparent, understandable and easily accessible information about your personal data and the use of them. This policy was written for this specific goal. However, should you have further questions, or need more specific information, you can contact us using the contact section of the website.

You have the right to access your personal data

You have the right to ask us to confirm whether or not we are storing your personal information. If your data is stored, you have the right to request a copy and be informed about:

  • Because we are storing your personal information.
  • What categories of information we are using.
  • With whom we have shared your information.
  • How long we expect to keep your information.

In order to maintain the security of your data, we will need to verify your identity before providing you with a copy of the information in our possession. The first copy of your data you request will be provided free of charge. If you need additional copies, we may charge you an administrative fee to cover the costs of the operation. You have the right to correct inaccurate or incomplete personal data.

If you requested a copy of your personal data, and saw that they are inaccurate or simply incomplete.

In this case, you can contact us to be able to correct or complete the data. You have the right to cancel registration On certain occasions, it is no longer necessary for us to store your personal information:

  • It is no longer necessary to keep the information for which it was kept.
  • You decide to withdraw your consent to use your personal information, and we have no other legal reasons to continue using them.
  • You are against the use of your information and we have no imperative reasons to continue using it.
  • We have used your information illegally.
  • We have received a legal notice requiring us to remove your personal data.

You have the right to request cancellation of your personal data. If you believe that one of these situations concerns you, send us an email at

You have the right to have a copy of your data transferred to you or a third party in a compatible format

You have the right to obtain a copy of your data for personal purposes. The right of portability allows you to move, copy or transfer personal data more easily from one IT system to another, safely and securely. If you need to transfer a copy of your personal data to another organization in a way that can be read by an IT device, please contact us. The exercise of this right is a free management. You have the right to opt out of direct marketing. At any time, you can tell us that you prefer that your personal information is not used for direct marketing purposes. If you do not wish to receive any kind of direct marketing communication from us, you can send us an explicit request in the following ways:

  • Using the unsubscribe link at the bottom of any marketing email sent by
  • By sending an e-mail to .

You have the right to deny the use of your information for our legitimate interests. On certain occasions, we use your personal information to achieve goals that can both benefit you:

  • When we talk about products or services similar to those you've already purchased.
  • When we use your information to help us improve our business.
  • When we contact you to interact, communicate or let you know the changes we are making to

Our goal is that your rights and personal data are adequately protected. If you believe that we are using your personal information in an unjustified manner and your rights are violated, you have the right to file a complaint. Unless there is a case of force majeure, we will not continue to use your personal data. To exercise your right to interrupt the use of your data for the purposes detailed above, please send an e-mail to privacy @ shop .

You have the right to limit the way in which we use your personal data. You have the right to request the interruption of the use of your personal data, but to keep a copy. This right can be exercised when the following circumstances occur:

  • You have confirmed to us that the information in our possession is inaccurate and we have not yet been able to verify it.
  • You have denied, or objected to, the use of your information for our legitimate interests and we are examining your objection.
  • We have used your information illegally, but you have not expressed the desire to delete your data.
  • no longer needs to use your information, but you indicate that we must keep a copy for a legal complaint currently in progress.

If you believe you are in one of these situations, send us an e-mail to

You have rights to automated decision making and categorization of your profile

Any automated decision or profiling we make is used solely for the purpose of personalizing the information we provide to you. We will not use this format to make decisions that have a legal effect or that have a significant impact.

At any time, you have the right not to be subject to such decisions. If you have any doubts or questions about this right, write to us at

Use of Cookies

On some occasions, we get information from your device to improve our services. This information will be used for statistical purposes about our visitors and the use they make of our site. This information does not contain personal data. The information will be collected through a cookie file. Cookies are automatically downloaded to the device. The cookie is stored on your hard drive because it contains information that is transferred to your hard drive. This action will help us improve our website and the service we offer you.

All devices can decline the use of cookies by activating the rejection settings directly in your browser. If you choose to refuse the use of cookies, it may not be possible to access certain parts of our website as a result.

We may use cookies to show you advertisements of interest on different sites. The choice would be based on your visits to our website and you could also use Google Analytics. If you disagree, you can disable the option by visiting the Google advertising deactivation page from the following link

Third-party links

On our website you will find links to access external websites, which may not be covered by our privacy policy. For this reason, we invite you to check the privacy policies of these third parties before sending any personal information. will under no circumstances be responsible for the content, function or collection of personal data by external websites, as we have no control over them.

Notes for eCommerce and users Marketplaces

After registering on, you can allow us to access your eCommerce or Marketplace account (where compatible) to download shipping information and delivery details. This access will be used only if you have given us explicit permission, otherwise, we will not access your eCommerce or Marketplace. Your password and the passwords of your eCommerce or Marketplace should be different for security reasons.

Changes to our Privacy Policy

All changes made to our privacy policy will be posted on this page and, where applicable, we will notify you by e-mail. Please check for updates or changes to our privacy policy frequently. This version was last updated on 05/07/2019.


If you wish to file a complaint regarding our collection, or the use of your personal data, please contact us in the first instance to try to resolve your complaint as soon as possible. You can contact us through our email

Contact Information

Our Data Protection Officer is Enrico Ticli, who can be contacted at the following e-mail address: or at the following postal address: SHOP-E ONLINE BUSINESS AND PACKAGING Cda Acqualunga, snc 90021 ALIA (PA )