Organic dried cold mint

Organic dried cold mint

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Nr. 3 packs of 15 grams of cold dried organic mint (total gr. 45)

Mint is a perennial aromatic herb that can reach a height of one meter and grows easily in almost all temperate climates. It is a herb magnified by the ancients for the properties that were attributed to its active principles and for its taste. A discreet but well-known ingredient in Mediterranean recipes. A plant as ancient in the kitchen as it is versatile. Its refreshing flavor gives an unmistakable touch to many recipes.


Ingredients: Cold-dried mint

Main Features

Vitamins: Vitamin A, Vitamin B6

Mineral Salts: Calcium, Phosphorus, Potassium, Iron, Magnesium, Zinc

Drying: cold

Type: Organic

Collection: by hand

Provenance: Sicily

Single pack weight: 15 g