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- Tuono and Pizzuta D'Avola;

- Genco and Ferragnes;


A handful of Sicilian almonds a day contributes to the need for proteins, they represent an excellent natural supplement, developing the right energy to make you face the day. Rich in iron and excellent for the intestine, thanks to the presence of fiber, they contain calcium and therefore help the bones, keep the skin young and fresh because it is rich in vitamin E.

They are a powerful natural anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, precious dietary supplement, rich in nutrients, they represent an appetizing and energizing snack, perfect at any time of the day, a precious ally to recover energy after physical activity.

The almond we sell is defined in Sicilian jargon as “Muddisa”, or soft shell, cultivated and harvested exclusively in the municipality of Alia, a small village in the Palermo hinterland at about 600 m asl; they are dried for about 6/7 days only by the Sicilian sun, thus maintaining the organoleptic characteristics that distinguish them. No treatments and pesticides are used at any stage of cultivation.

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