List of products by brand BISCOTTIFICIO SCACCIA

At the Biscottificio Chase away the passion for artisan baked goods meets the love for tradition; this is how magic has been repeated every day at sunrise with the same simplicity and authenticity of the past for over 30 years ...

The Biscottificio Scaccia is today a solid and continuously growing production reality, able to guarantee both the final consumer and retailers high quality standards and maximum reliability in food safety. By deliberately choosing to remain today as in the past a purely family-run production reality, the Biscottificio Scaccia has decided to specialize in the production of artisanal shortbread biscuits and leavened products for anniversaries such as Colombe and Artisan Panettoni.

The Artisan Shortbread Pastries, all rigorously produced in the total absence of milk, a peculiarity that gives the products a high digestibility coefficient, are ideal for starting the day full of taste and energy without necessarily having to give up lightness .

Among the delicious artisanal shortcrust pastries of the Biscottificio Scaccia, the Wholemeal Ricci Rustici deserve particular attention. Rich in fiber and low in fat, as well as recommended by the most authoritative nutritionists of international standing, Wholemeal Rustic Ricci are ideal for those who care about their well-being and love to eat consciously.

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