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Cultivation and production of Sicilian saffron stigmas and its derivatives

SaffronFarm is a family-run business dedicated to the cultivation and production of Sicilian saffron stigmas and its derivatives.

The passion for this precious product and the knowledge of the Sicilian territory have allowed the family to create a successful company, which offers only the best of Sicilian saffron production. Although the plant is located at an altitude of 75 meters from the sea, we manage to obtain an excellent production both in terms of quantity but above all of quality, in fact after each annual production we carry out analyzes in a chemical laboratory specialized in spices, and the results are great. In fact, we are able to obtain 1st category certificates.

The company philosophy is to offer a genuine product, grown with sustainable and environmentally friendly methods. The SaffronFarm team carefully selects the saffron plants and takes care of them personally, thus guaranteeing the quality and productivity of the final product.

The processing of the product takes place with traditional techniques, which preserve its unique flavor and aromas. The result is a high quality product, suitable for use in both professional and domestic kitchens.

If you are looking for the best Sicilian saffron production, SaffronFarm is the right company for you.

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