Gastronomic snails Helix Aspersa Aspersa

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Helix Aspersa Aspersa KG 1 snails Bred with a natural cycle

Helix Aspersa Aspersa snails are kept in safe fences and in controlled hygienic-sanitary conditions.

At the end of the cycle, the snails are purged, dried and selected in such a way as to guarantee maximum genuineness.

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The snail is a food with a high nutritional value and low in fat, highly digestible, mainly made up of water, rich in mineral salts and essential amino acids.

Recently it has been discovered that snail meat favors the elimination of cholesterol from the body through the bile ducts and thanks to the low caloric intake, snail meat can be considered an advisable food in all low-calorie diets. The meat of snails from natural breeding is more tender and tasty with the following energy and nutritional values:

- High protein content;

- Calcium and phosphorus;

- Magnesium and iron;

- Omega 3, Omega 6, Omega 9 and Vitamins A-B-C;

- Minerals;

- Low fat content;

- High nutritional values;

- Remarkable digestibility;

- High percentage of essential amino acids;

- Aphrodisiac properties.

Our snails are guaranteed for hygiene and health as they have been fed with selected vegetables and have lived in a controlled environment, therefore they have a whole series of characteristics that make the product suitable for many gastronomic elaborations.

But the snail is not only good when it is moist, grilled or bourguignon. Their pearly eggs, duly chosen and tested, become a caviar that tastes of earth, grass and mushrooms.

Recent studies have also shown that the burr produced by snails (gel or cream) is a real beauty treatment: that of cosmetics which is widely used for the production of moisturizers for sensitive skin and homeopathy for the preparation of very effective anti-inflammatory products.

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