Honey from the Sicilian black bee

Sulla Honey of black bee from Sicily

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Honey from the Sicilian black bee

Net weight: 400 grams

Features: Product not subjected to any heat treatment


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Sulla honey is a honey with rapid crystallization, forming medium or fine crystals. When still in a liquid state, it has a color ranging from transparent to straw yellow, then turning to white-beige when crystallized. It is good to remember that crystallization is a natural process that affects honey and demonstrates its authenticity as it is not subjected to industrial processes. Some types of honey, by their composition, do not tend to crystallization, while for others it can be a more or less fast process.

It has a very delicate flavor, with vegetal notes or fruity components. Honey produced in the regions of Southern Italy can also present a citrus aroma, due to the numerous citrus crops in the region.

Even the smell is not particularly significant: it is often described as a generic smell of honey with vegetal and straw notes.


Su honey has a lower sweetening power than honey like acacia and has a very high concentration of fructose. It is also rich in iron, copper, zinc, magnesium and manganese, which makes it an excellent ally for athletes and sportsmen. There are also vitamins A, C and some of the group B. Honey from on brings numerous benefits to our body. It has a purifying and detoxifying effect, as well as being a valuable source of easily assimilable energy. Diuretic and laxative effects are also recognized and its application on pimples and acne is recommended. Finally, like all other types of honey, it is particularly suitable for fighting sore throats and coughs.

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