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Production and processing of tomatoes, legumes and aromatic herbs

The La Placa farm was founded in the 1980s and has always paid particular attention to the quality of the products grown and harvested on its land. The company extends in the territory of Valledolmo and in the neighboring ones (Polizzi Generosa, Sclafani Bagni and Vallelunga Pratameno), land suitable for the cultivation of vegetables and the famous "Siccagno tomato", because it is rich in clays and particular sands that allow an excellent water self-regulation of the soil.

Producers of herbaceous crops, over the years they have intensified that of tomatoes, becoming one of the best known producers in the area. The current economic situation and the continuous climate change have led the company to change the mission and therefore decide to close the supply chain in order to exploit the maximum result from the excellent raw material.

A project born in 2018 and much analyzed by the La Placa family, was to create a young company in the way of placing itself on the market but at the same time traditional on the processes to put on the market products that had the same characteristics of homemade preserves . In June 2019 the plant for the processing and marketing of agri-food products harvested on the company's land was born in C.da Crete.

Siccagno tomato

To find out more about the Kassaro brand siccagno tomato from Valledolmo: Siccagno tomato Kassaro

The Kassaro farm produces: tomato puree, dried tomato, dried tomato in oil, lentils, chickpeas, broad beans, pickled green tomato, tomato paste

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