100 gr. Vanilla Modica chocolate

100 gr. Vanilla Modica chocolate


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Nr. 5 Modica vanilla chocolate bars of 100 grams


COLOR: Brown, any irregular surface opacity and texture graininess are due to the traditional low-temperature processing method which does not include conching and tempering. This does not affect the quality of the product, but preserves the organoleptic characteristics and the health-giving components of the cocoa beans.

COMBINATIONS: There is no perfect combination, but several excellent combinations possible. Thinking about wine the perfect match would be with sweet wine labels like: sweet Zibibbo - Moscato - Marsala. Thinking about distillates, the ideal and sublime combinations are: with aged Cognacs and aged rums; there are those who prefer it to combine it also with grappa.


Modica (RG) Sicily


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Modica chocolate comes from AZTECHI, ​​its extraordinary goodness depends on two factors: the superlative quality of the raw materials and the processing unchanged over time. The cocoa mass is processed by hand and at low temperature, avoiding the conching phase, typical of industrial processing.

By processing the cocoa mass in cold, the more than 300 hints of the cocoa itself can be maintained, as well as the fact that the sugar crystals added to the cocoa mass do not melt at low temperatures, thus giving the grain inside. In the production of Modicano chocolate, only cocoa mass, sugar and aromas such as vanilla - chilli etc. are expected. no emulsifier is used, so no Lecithin, no Milk and no Cocoa Butter.

The standard sizes of the Modicano chocolate bar weighing 100 grams at the origin are: LENGTH 13 Cm - WIDTH 4.5 Cm - HEIGHT 1.2 Cm. The Modicano chocolate bar cannot be improvised, the modern, artistic forms are not allowed; from the metal molds it is still the same for hundreds of years.


Modica chocolate has antihypertensive properties thanks to a high content of flavonoids and therefore it can be considered "a food - drug", which associates the healing properties of the active ingredients it contains with the nutritional component. Every day you can eat a bit of dark chocolate of about 10 grams, or you can use 2.5 grams of cocoa powder remaining calm that it will not be an exception to the rule but a way of taking care of health. The most appreciated of spices for its delicate but persistent aroma, vanilla is a natural antiseptic and also a precious sedative.

It has fundamental antioxidant properties in the fight against free radicals and is considered by many to be a powerful aphrodisiac. According to a legend, the Aztec entrepreneur Montezuma would have offered Hernando Cortés vanilla-flavored chocolate, convincing the Spanish conqueror to take it with him to his homeland and discovering the flavor of it all over the Old Continent.

STORAGE: keep in a cool and dry place, away from heat sources

PACKAGING: 100 gr. chocolate bar with cardboard lid

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