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Production and sale of Sicilian saffron

Zaffolmo was born in 2014 from the idea of ​​a young agronomist and entrepreneur in the agricultural sector. The purely family-run company, located in the Sicilian hinterland, has a hundred-year history that has been handed down from generation to generation, and which reaches today in the realization of this new project. After a long experimentation and observation, the cultivation of saffron (Crocus sativus L.) is carried out with extreme care and dedication and in the most natural way possible; a plant that is already fascinating in itself, with a stimulating yet challenging production process. Cultivated in the territory of the municipality of Valledolmo, a town that rises at the foot of the Madonie, specifically in the Valle del Torto and the Feudi, which has been able to amaze once again by opening up secure prospects for new crops. The fight against weeds is done strictly by hand, the flowers are patiently harvested at dawn before the sun is high and the flower unfolds, then the cleaning and drying at low temperatures takes place during the day so as to keep the organoleptic characteristics unaltered.

Everything is done with the competence and professionalism required to guarantee the product a reputation equivalent to that assumed over time by this precious spice called "red gold". The uses of Crocus sativus L., both in the form of powder and in stigmas, in the course of history concern areas, even several, very different from each other: its use ranges from medicine to dyeing, to the gastronomic field where it is used as a precious ingredient of many recipes. The high appreciation in the culinary sector has derived from the ability to give a decisive and bright color to the dish, succeeding in this to be one of the most used spices thanks, not least, to its spit versatility. A pinch is enough to give an exotic and refined taste to the most disparate recipes, from the first to the second courses.

The stigmas are raw red and release a yellow dye once dissolved in a liquid. It combines well with cereals, fish products, white meats, vegetables and delicate sauces. Saffron was used in medicine in ancient times, it has been used for a long time benefiting from its powerful healing effects for various human disorders: arthritis, asthma, cough, cold, flatulence, colic, insomnia, cholesterol, liver disorders, cardiovascular disorders , vision disorders, menstrual disorders, skin problems. We have chosen to package the dried saffron stigmas in elegant glass vials with cork, respecting the hygiene requirements of the food products required by current regulations. Buying saffron is much more than buying a spice ...

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